Alexandra Moss Zannis

Alexandra’s poem “The Last of the Wild Oats,” which appeared in the June 2006 issue of The Raintown Review, was nominated by Central Avenue Press for a Pushcart Prize.

The publisher of The Raintown Review, when submitting the poem, wrote,

“With ‘The Last of the Wild Oats’ Alexandra Moss Zannis has accomplished a feat that has eluded all but our most talented contemporary poets: She has written a confessional poem with enough meat on its bones to make a meal for someone other than the poet herself. Amazing.”

‘The Last of the Wild Oats’ can be read in the Poetry Section.

In July 2012, Alexandra’s new book ‘Categorically Speaking, a collection of poems’ was published by Trafford Publishers. It is a 107 page book with her poems listed under the categories or life, love, political, nature, death, and humor. The reader will find this diversity appealing to his special interests.

It can be viewed and purchased over the Internet through the website ; also through,, and

In August 2014, Alexandra published her last volume of poetry, Swan Songs.  The poems consist of various subjects which she has experienced and about which she has written.  The book can be purchased through, and