The Liberation of Ovum 13

“Don’t come near me!” shrieked Ovum 13 as the male sperm bore down upon her. The spermatozoon skidded to a stop with a look of complete astonishment.
“What do you think you’re doing?” it asked with indignation. “You can’t stop me in this competitive race!”
“That’s just what I’m doing! You guys think you can merge with us girls without even a polite ‘How do you do’. Well, I think it’s about time we took a stand against this intrusion of our privacy!”
“Privacy!” it yelled back. “There’s no such thing as privacy in this system. We’re supposed to attack the first ovum we encounter. That’s the way it was, the way it is, and the way it always will be!”
Ovum 13 drew herself up into a hard little ball. “Then it’s about time things changed!” She took on a dark hue, the color of a thundercloud. “There’s been a lot of changes in the outside world and I’ve heard the rumors. For your information, there’s a movement out there for women’s liberation.”
During this discourse, numerous ova had gathered around 13 and were listening to her outburst. Other ova, which had been eavesdropping, were attacked by spermatozoa and disappeared.
Thirteen turned to the remaining ova. “Did you see our sisters there? They’re no longer with us. They’ve been devoured by those egotistical spermatozoa. Is that the way you want to live? Not to have one word about your choice?” She was yelling as loud as she could to be heard by as many ova as possible.
Ovum 13 had been thinking about this for a long time. She had seen the disappearance of many of her sisters while she remained intact. She had decided that the time was ripe to take a firm stand on this issue. Ova had rights too! Why should they be subjected to the masculine onslaught of the spermatozoa!
She peered around her, trying to gather as many of her sisters as she could to her cause. “Do any of you feel as I do? We’ve been taken advantage of for eons and it’s time we took a stand. Are there any of you willing to follow me? Any of you who believe as I do that it’s time for a change?” Suddenly, with a burst of fervor, hundreds of her sisters took on her hue and curled up into hard balls. “Yes, yes,” they exclaimed in unison. “We want to be liberated too! It’s time for a change!”
The echo was heard throughout the confines of the fallopian tube and other ova took up the chant. “Liberation! Liberation!” they demanded.
There was a sudden disruption in the movement of the ova. The spermatozoa, which had been darting about in search of uniting, suddenly became disoriented and began swimming around in circles. Some, in their confusion, were even attacking their brothers.
“Look at them,” Ovum 13 cried out. “They don’t care who they choose. They’re even attacking their own kind! Is that the sort of partner you want? One without the least discrimination? Well, I’ll tell you this, sisters, I want to merge with a spermatozoon that I find appealing to me. I don’t want to unite with just any Tom, Dick or Harry! Do you agree with me?”
“Yes, yes,” they yelled in unison, nodding to each other in agreement. “That’s what we want too.”
Then a strange thing happened within the ovulation process. The spermatozoa suddenly stopped in their search and were immobile. They no longer resembled little tadpoles, but looked like sheepish puppies with their tails between their legs. The ova took on the domineering role and in one grand straight line, advanced upon the spermatozoa. Their approach was slow. They were individually searching for the spermatozoon that appealed most to them.
Ovum 13 led the advance. Her form was soft and pliable. She was pulsating with life and eager for the perfect union. She twisted herself about, gazing at this one and that one, waiting for that unexplainable electrical shock that would signal the right mate for her.
And then she saw him! He was larger than the normal spermatozoon and his color was soft and translucent. He was watching her with the most sensuous look she had ever seen. With a slow gliding movement, she approached him. For a brief moment they faced each other, their forms undulating with desire. And then they merged!
In their process of uniting, the sperm-ovum began to quiver with its one body and, as if caught in a flowing, strong current, it swiftly took momentum and was sucked up into the womb.
The other ova, waiting breathlessly, watched it disappear and saw the entrance to the womb close behind it! Ovum 13 had won her battle. She was the chosen one to enter the life-forming sanctum. What was there left for them? They knew their supreme moment for creation was over. Liberation for them? For what reason? But then, what had they to lose? Uniting was better than isolation!
With a unisonous exhalation, they transformed their hard little bodies into iridescent, pulsating forms and, moving with deliberate provocation, advanced upon the vacillating spermatozoa.
The chaos that ensued changed forever the merging process!